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meat (pork, beef, poultry) and MDM

FOODTRADE is a rapidly growing company which was set up in 2011, but our employees have been working in this trade for many years.We trade mainly in meat such as pork, beef and poultry and produce 100 tons of Chicken Minced Meat (MDM) and Chicken Minced Bones per week .

Our offer is never closed, we always look for new markets and assortments Reliable suppliers are our guarantee of high quality goods. We work with major food producers in Poland.

We also intensively develop the network of our suppliers and customers abroad.

Companies from Africa (Angola, Benin, Ghana, Republic of Cote d’Ivoir),Asia (Hong Kong , Vietnam ) and Europe (Bosnia and Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark , Estonia, Germany ,Hungary , Ireland ,

Kosowo, Lithuania, Latvia, Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Nederland , Romania, Serbia , Slovakia, Slovenia , ) are our main clients.

We also have been working with Belarus , Russia and Ukraine since 2012. Excellent knowledge of the market, years of experience in the trade and a well-qualified team of specialists are our biggest strengths.

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Kontakt z dostawcą

Nazwa firmy: FOODTRADE - made in Poland
Adres e-mail: foodtrade1@gmail.com
Strona www: www.foodtrade.pl
Telefon 1: +48888431443
Kraj: Polska
Miasto: Łowicz
Kod pocztowy: 99-400
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