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Construction of houses (1000 + 12000) in Angola

Data ważności oferty: 2015-05-05


Dear Madam,Sir

Please find attached information concerning 2 construction deals

in Angola (French-English) :

- construction of 1 000 houses

- construction of 12 000 houses.

These deals can be signed quickly. As a local company has already obtained

the contract, and want to partner with construction company to start works.

Payment with governement garanty.

Please find hereafter the next steps, to be candidate
to the construction deals in Angola (from 500, 1000, 12000, 50000, 85000 houses + routes+..).

1. The candidate sends company profile, financial documents, and capacity of construction to Helia Partners.
If candidate agreed by angolese company, candidate is informed of "special deal conditions".
Helia Partners Business provider draft agreement (NDA + successs fees protection Framework) + consulting services (deal management support) draft agreement sent to candidate.
If candidate agrees, agreements signed with candidate.

2. Helia Partners sends to candidate deal documents, including MOU draft and co-contractor agreement draft. Negotiation on drafts driven by Helia Partners, between candidate, angolese company and possible third party.
When all agree, signature of MOU by candidate and angolese company (and possible third party).

3. Helia Partners organizes business trip in Angola to finalize agreements. Two Helia Partners consultants come with the candidate in Angola, until the final deal closing.
Candidate provides list of his participants (management and technical staff) in order to receive invitation letter to get visas.
Helia Partners sent invitation letter to candidate.
Candidate books flights and hotels for all team.
Visas procedure. Fees paid by candidate.

4. In Angola, meeting with angolese company owner, local decision-makers, notary, bank.
Visit of lands.
Joint venture created in 2 days in front of notary.
Common bank account open.
The candidate pays "special deal conditions".
Bank garanty is transferred to candidate (upon negotiated conditions)
Upon final deal closing, the candidate pays Helia Partners consulting services fees.

5. Launch of construction works.
Payment of success fees according to agreement.

Best regards,

Tel:+33 6 17 11 16 63

Bonjour ,

Je vous envoie le document pour 2 deals de construction en

Angola, 2 deals immédiats :

- construction de 1 000 maisons,

- construction de 12 000 maisons.

Ces deals ont le même profil. Détenus par une société angolaise, qui cherche à

faire une joint venture avec une ou plusieurs entreprises. Paiement par garantie d'état.

Les conditions sont décrites dans le document en français-anglais.

Je reste à votre disposition,

Bien cordialement,

SAINT-JUST included 1 attachment: Construction deals Angola Helia Partners mar15.pdf. View it in your inbox.