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pasta - makarony

Dokładny opis produktu

Bela Pasta

Bela Pasta is made from high quality wheat. A special milling process ensures flour thanks to which the pasta is sufficiently hard and perfectly flexible.
The right drying process causes Bela pasta not to stick and preserves the natural aroma and golden colour.
Bela Egg Pasta

Available in the most popular form in the egg pasta segment: Krajanka. Produced from selected wheat of domestic origin, which ensures its permanent and unique quality. Aimed at consumers who value traditional, homemade pasta for soups.

Prima a Tavola Pasta

A selection of the best varieties of durum wheat and equipment of our factory allow our specialists to create superb quality Prima a Tavola pastas of a golden colour and al dente structure.
The best classic taste and traditional Italian recipe allows you to prepare the most exquisite Italian pastas, of which the original taste is a guarantee of the quality of our product - Prima a Tavola pasta.

"Krajanka" egg pasta and Zacierka Wiejska

These pastas are produced in the traditional way, according to methods borrowed from the kitchens of our grandmothers.
They are produced from selected ordinary wheat of domestic origin, which ensures constant and unique
quality, and the size and diversity of forms provides Customers with a wide range to choose from.

Spelt and Soy Pasta

Spelt wheat has been cultivated for a long time.
Spelt has a pleasant taste and is easily digested, and a diet including it decreases cholesterol levels. It is very rich in minerals, vitamin B, iron and protein.
Spelt pasta is produced from wholesome spelt flour, as a result an excellent pasta is made with a delicate flavour.

Zdjęcia produktu

Kontakt z dostawcą

Nazwa firmy: P.P.H. - made in Poland
Adres e-mail: sylwiabk11@wp.pl
Strona www: www.bela.pl
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