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UE Wspólna Taryfa Celna 2019
EU Common Customs Tariff 2019
UE Tarif Douanier Commun 2019
EU Gemeinsamen Zolltarif 2019
Bielizna damska, stroje kąpielowe  [HS - Sekcja XI - Dział 61]
COLLECTION SPRING - SUMMER 2013 AXIS – MUNDI Good – Evil. Heaven – Hell. Sacrum – Profanum. Not only the surrounding world is so colourful and full of differences. The same is the nature of a woman – undiscovered and colourful. Extremely different, and all the time changing, uncatchable and fascinating. One moment it takes the form of a ghost, nymph or a water goddess. A woman is like AXIS MUNDI – connects temporality with the underwords, thus introducing a cosmic dimension. The magic, that you also spread can take the form of many characters. Weles, Zorza, Siva are just a few of the creations you can be. The changing of your nature, your shell and forms of communication need a special setting. Good – Evil. Heaven – Hell. Sacrum – Profanum. All of these you will find in Samanta's sprig collection. Designer - Marzena Listwan