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UE Wspólna Taryfa Celna 2019
EU Common Customs Tariff 2019
UE Tarif Douanier Commun 2019
EU Gemeinsamen Zolltarif 2019

Oferty importowe

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Leclerc is looking for new products 2023-03-31
Inquiry for Chicken paws 2022-01-31
Inquiry for Nutella; Colgate, Sensodyne Toothpaste; Dove Shower 2021-12-31
Smart Chem Hygiene LLC is looking for an exclusive distribution partners 2021-12-31
Inquiry for urea 2021-03-31
Inquiry for soyabeans, wheat, corn 2021-03-31
Poszukujemy pracowników do pracy w sektorze spożywczym 2021-03-31
Inquiry for yellow corn 2021-01-31
Inquiry for cheese cream, mozzarella, butter, jam etc made in EU 2020-12-31
General inquiry for frozen chikens, sugar, rice, cofee, oils, wheat, maize etc from Migoril Global Resources, broker from Nigeria 2020-12-31
Inquiry for food & beverage from Togo 2020-12-31
Inquiry for masks and thermometers 2020-12-31
Inquiry for 40000/50000 Mts yelow corn India/Bangladesh 2020-06-30
Inquiry for urea 2020-04-30
Please offer your prices based on full truck load. Ferrero Rocher T16 , T24 & T30 Nutella 350g, 200g & 750g Kinder Bueno T2 X 30 Goods required for Asia & Middle East Market. 2020-03-31
yellow maiz 2000 MT 2020-02-28
Inquiry from Ghana 2019-12-31
Inquiry for mango slices 2019-09-30
Inquiry from UK's retailer for new European products 2019-09-30
Inquiry for sugar in a bulk quantity 2018-04-30
Inquiry for PET and HDPE recyclable scrap / Pakistan 2018-04-30
Inquiry for yellow corn 2018-01-31
Inquiries of food & construction materials from Benin 2018-01-31
Buy Offers 2017-12-31
Yellow Corn for Animal Feed - 25,000 mts / trial order 2017-10-15
We are looking for Yellow maize animal feed grade non GMO 20,000m/t 2017-09-30
Inquiry for aluminium scrap 2017-07-31
INQUIRY FOR YELLOW CORN GRADE #2 GMO / 25 000 mt Odessa Ukraine 2017-02-28
Inquiry for oignon from Italy / Zapytanie o cebulę dla Włoch 2016-11-30
Inquiry for frozen cuttlefishs / Egypt 2016-10-31
Inquiry for Cotton seed hulls 500,000 MT (5 contracts possible per year ) 2016-09-30
Line of liquid detergent (100 mt/day) & powder detergent (30 mt/day) - inquiry is destinated for european investors/manufactures only 2016-06-30
Looking very urgent for an offer for Rice Bran Feed for Turkey Port - 10,000 MT x 12 ( First Shipment Month : APRIL-May 2016) 2016-05-10
We are looking to enlarge our world wide business partners.Security Doors, Water Heaters & Others 2016-04-30
We are looking for a Polish company active in the field of kitchens 2016-04-30
Inquiry for Rice, Milk Powder, Maize, Wheat Flour, Soyabean, Cooking Oil 2015-12-31
I have demands for these commodities: copper concentrate, zinc concentrate, lead concentrate , bauxite to produce Al2O3 | aluminium industry 2015-11-30
Inquiry for urea 2015-10-31
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